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If you are charged with a sexual assault crime, the penalties can be severe. A compassionate sex crime defense attorney understands that even those who are exonerated with a “not guilty” verdict can be negatively impacted long-term.

Sex Crime Law

Your choice of sex crime lawyer is important because of Florida’s tough laws on these offenses, such as the sexual battery description and punishments (“Sexual battery”: Title XLVI, Chapter 794.011), Florida Sexual Predators Act (Title XLVI, Chapter 775.21), and sex offender registration provisions (“Sexual offenders required to register with the department; penalty”: Title XLVII, Chapter 943.0435).

One of the most widely known types of charge for which a sex crime attorney is needed is possession of child pornography. This crime has been a recent focus of arrests in Polk County, with up to 50 people arrested at once and accused of this life-altering, potentially reputation-crippling charge. In sting operations that extensive, people are often falsely accused and have their privacy invaded.

Your sex crime defense attorney at Fulmer Law, PA, will be caring about the gravity of your situation while leveraging the legal expertise to develop your case, using the details of the charges and evidence to your advantage.

Sex Crime Defense FAQs

The so-called “Romeo & Juliet Law” (F.S. 943.04354) provides exceptions that allow a person not to have to register as a sexual predator or offender if the sexual interaction was consensual, the victim’s age was at least 13 and no more than 4 years younger than the person, and it is your only registerable sex crime – provided that your petition is approved by the court.

If you have been accused of a crime that may fall under the Romeo & Juliet Law, then you must call Art Fulmer for a consultation now! Mr. Fulmer has experience in this area of law and will provide you the best defense in Polk County!

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