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At Fulmer Law, PA we are intimately familiar with the bond parents share with their children. Each and every employee at Fulmer Law has children of their own. If you are getting a divorce or are experiencing ongoing support issues, you need a child support attorney to provide a resolution. Mediation is typically mandated by the court to reach an understanding prior to the final court decision. Our attorneys also handle modifications of child support after a case has been closed.

Our child support lawyers, Art Fulmer, Jr. and Christal Holmes will obtain a multitude of financial documents that the courts require in child support cases. These documents help determine the amount of child support the court will use to meet your child’s needs. We are very familiar with child support guidelines and often draw them up favorably, without contention from the opposing side. Allow our team at Fulmer Law, PA to guide you through the process and obtain the documents that may otherwise be impossible to get without a court order or subpoena.

If Fulmer Law, PA did not represent you in your divorce and you are owed back child support, or can no longer pay what was ordered by the court in the past, you need one of our competent child support attorneys to modify your child support case. Call today for a free consultation and let’s see what we can do for you.

Child Support Law

Major statutes important to the work of child support lawyers are the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (Title VI, Chapter 88) and Arbitration Code (Title XXXIX, Chapter 682). Other central laws are the Dissolution of Marriage, Support, and Time-Sharing (Title VI, Chapter 61); Determination of Parentage (Title XLIII, Chapter 742); and Temporary Custody of Minor Children by Extended Family (Title XLIII Chapter 751)provisions.

Child Support FAQ

Based on Florida law, child support is a court ordered payment by both parents of a child for the ongoing financial support of their children. Child support is often set up following a separation or dissolution of marriage. The idea behind child support is one that maintains that the children of divorced or separated families should be able to live as comfortably as they would if their parents had stayed together.

Child support is designed to cover the costs of the housing, food, clothing, health/medical and daycare needs of the child. However, as parents we all know that children require much more than just these basic essentials. Other child-related expenses can include: school tuition, extra-curricular activities, books, toys, etc. Don’t forget the teenage related expenses as well, computer, cell phone, car and insurance payments, prom/homecoming costs, athletics, etc.

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The laws encompassing how child support works can be complicated and confusing. No two cases are alike based on the circumstances and unique facts of each case.

The court system determines the amount of child support based on the guidelines outlined in the Title VI 61.30 of the Florida Law. These guidelines help to figure out the amount of support needed to care for the child and the amount the parent has to pay.

Both parents fill out a financial affidavit and produce evidence of their income and child related expenses. A formula is then used combining the parties’ monthly net income, the child’s day care and health care expenses paid by the parties. The math formula will produce the amount owed based on this criteria, the number of the children, and (importantly) the number of overnights each parent has with the children.

You can estimate the amount of child support by using the Florida Child Support Calculator. The calculator will use the information you have entered to help give you an estimate. Remember that this is only an estimate, and the amount is subject to change based on the court and other factors that may not be included in your estimate.

It is highly recommended to secure legal representation early on in your child support case. Get expert legal advice from experienced Polk County child support lawyers at Fulmer Law, PA by scheduling a consultation now.

Child support laws and guidelines are designed so that payments are used for the benefit of the child. However, courts typically don’t mandate how the child support payments are to be spent. Unless there is substantial evidence that the receiving parent is neglecting the child or involved in criminal acidity. The money the custodial parent (the parent who has the most time with the child) receives can be spent in any way they choose.

Expenses child support is used for include:

  • Basic food, clothing and shelter costs –including gas, electricity, water, rent
  • Medical care and related insurance expenses
  • Educational fees – including uniforms, tuition, textbooks, lunch money, private tutors
  • Childcare fees – including day care, babysitting, nannies
  • Entertainment expenses – including computers, television programs, internet access, outings, etc.
  • Transportation and travel expenses – including the cost to maintain a car, gas fees, car payments, car insurance, vehicle registration, bus passes, etc.
  • Extracurricular activities – activities that fall outside of regular school hours including summer camps, sports activities, dance, Girl Scouts, and other non-school related activities
  • College expenses – in some circumstances the court may require a noncustodial parent to contribute to the cost of college, even after the child has reached mature age.

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Child support payments are designed to cover the cost of housing, food, clothing, medical and health care, and daycare costs of the child.

Other costs that come along with having a child such as, toys, books, extracurricular activities, athletics, etc. are not factored into the child support calculator.

A parent is not obligated to make any additional payments to cover added expenses for the child.

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You can claim or file for child support by contacting your local child support office.

Contact an experienced family attorney that can answer all your questions about how to apply for child support. Ensure that your child support case is presented fully and that the unique circumstances in your case are heard by the court. Call Fulmer Law, P.A. for a free consultation today!

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We will begin by filing a paternity case and file a petition for a time sharing schedule and child support payment plan. It is important that the forms and petitions that are submitted to the court are filed accurately and completely. Your case will then be set for hearing and a judge will review the evidence to make a verdict.

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When you are looking for information on how to get child support, it is a good idea to start with reliable legal advice from an experienced child support lawyer. To begin, you must file the necessary documents with your local child support office. The legal paperwork and filing process can be complicated. Our experienced family law legal team will guide you through the process and make sure all your questions are answered.

See our answers to how to file for child support to learn more about the process and call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys at Fulmer Law, P.A. today!

Learn more about how to calculate child support by reviewing the Florida Child Support Guidelines detailed in state statute 61.30.

See our answers to how does child support work for more information on the Florida Child Support Calculator.

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The court uses a formula that considers the guidelines outlined in Title VI 61.30 of the Florida Law.

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The process to figure out child support includes completing a financial expense worksheet and providing evidence of monthly income and the child(ren)’s expenses. One of our attorneys can help you figure out the ins and out of a child support case. Call for a free consultation with one of our attorneys at Fulmer Law, P.A. today!

For more about how to figure child support, see our answers detailed above.

Back child support is money owed to you from the date of petition that has not been paid. For example, if a petition for child support is filed Jan 1, 2020 and child support is not set or finalized until July 1, 2020, the back support (retroactive support) will be for the previous 6 months. This also includes late or missed child support payments that have been ordered by a court. Parents who are late or have missed child support payments must pay the debt in full, including any applicable fees and interest charges.

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To enforce or collect back child support, you must file a motion for contempt.

If you can show that the payor willfully failed to pay child support, they can be held in contempt and jailed with a purge amount. Essentially, they hold the key to their own jail cell. For example, person fails to pay and you show that they had the ability to pay $1,000 (own tvs, a car, etc.), they could be put in jail for 179 days; however, could be released upon payment of $1,000.

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The court considers all the factors outlined in the Florida State Statutes Title VI 61.3 when determining how much child support a parent is required to pay.

Read more about how much does child support cost in our detailed answer.

There is no set amount for child support payments for one child. Rather, the Courts use a formula to determine a fair amount based on the monthly income and expenses for the care and well-being of the child using the guidelines detailed in Title VI 61.30. The Court will also use Guidelines provided by the State of Florida.

Learn more by checking out our answer to how everything within child support works.

One of the most frequently asked child support question we receive from our clients is “How much child support will I get?” The answer depends on several factors. You will receive the amount of child support ordered by the court after considering all the factors in Florida Statute 61.30. The Court will also use the Guidelines provided by the State of Florida.

To arrive at the amount, the court uses the financial affidavit worksheets and the evidence provided by each parent for monthly child related expenses including child care, medical insurance, and the number of overnights the child/children spend with each parent. The team at Fulmer Law, P.A. has the vast experience to calculate the amount.

For more explanation to how much child support should I get, jump to this information.

Child support can be modified at any time. In order to qualify you must be able to show a substantial change in circumstances. One of our attorneys at Fulmer Law, P.A. can help you gather evidence to support the loss of a job, termination of a child’s attendance at daycare, an increase in the cost of health insurance or child care, the disability of a parent, and/or a substantial increase or decrease (typically 15% or greater) in either parent’s net income. These permanent changes have to have lasted or anticipated to last for one or more years.

It is imperative that a petition to modify child support be made as soon as your family circumstances change. The changes to payment will only be effective as of the modification filing date. If child support was established based upon both parents having equal time sharing with the children, and one parent stops participating in that time sharing, then child support may be modified retroactively from the date when that parent stopped participating in his or her time sharing responsibilities.

Our team can help initiate and complete the process for modifying your child support payments. Let’s talk more about your case soon. Schedule a consultation today!

To learn more about how to check child support payments, visit the Florida Department of Revenue.

There are several ways to pay child support. Child support is either paid directly, or by Income Withholding Order (IWO) which deducts from your paycheck. The money is sent to Florida’s Disbursement Unit in Tallahassee and then to the recipient.

For more information about how to pay child support payments, visit the Florida Department of Revenue website.

There are two ways to pay your child support payments online.

Pay online now with credit card or electronic check. Please note that payments made by credit card will take 3 business days to process, and payments made by electronic check will take 5 business days to process and reach the Child Support Program.

You can also pay online from your bank checking or savings account at www.expertpay.com. The processing time when selecting this payment method requires registering online with the provider (which takes 3 business days) before making your first payment. Once your registration has been approved your first payment takes up to 11 business days to reach the Child Support Program. Once you have completed your first payment, any future payments take up to 8 business days to process and reach the Child Support Program.

You should always make your child support payments on time in order to avoid fees and penalties. The amount you will be required to pay is determined by the courts and their review of all the factors detailed in Florida Statute 61.03.

The attorneys at Fulmer Law, P.A. can easily explain the Florida Statute and the Guidelines the State of Florida uses to determine child support. We can even give you an idea of how much it will cost you per month. Call today for a FREE conversation with one of our attorneys.

To understand more about how much child support you should pay, read this information on how everything works.

A parent must establish parental rights relative to parental responsibility and time sharing either through mediation or with the Court. Paying child support does not grant time sharing or parental responsibility to the parent in any way. They are completely unrelated to one another and a petition for a time sharing schedule and parental responsibility must be established if you are seeking to have the right to visit or make decisions about the educational, health, and overall well-being of your child. We can help you protect your parental rights.

You must show an unanticipated change in circumstance and file a supplemental petition for modification to get child support lowered. An unanticipated change in circumstance, for example could be you were laid off from work or your income was involuntarily reduced.

For more information on how to reduce child support, read our answer on to how to modify it.

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Child support stops when the child turns 18 or is in school with the expectation of graduating before the age of 19. Therefore, it can extend past 18 and will end when the child graduates high school, if it’s before the age of 19.

In Florida, if your child is special needs and is not able to become a self-sustaining adult, then child support will last for the life of the child. It is critical that you recognize the special needs status of your child in the text of the final court order with a child support modification. If your child reaches the age of 18 and payments end, you cannot reopen the case for continued child support of your special needs child.


If both parents agree to end the child support payments, you may be able to end them with a court order. Even if the other parent does not agree, but your situation has greatly changed since the child support was ordered, you could end the payments with a court order. For example, if your child(ren) spend more time with you than was agreed upon when child support was ordered, you may be able to stop paying child support. If you pay for expenses that were not calculated in the original order, you may also have a chance to stop your child support payments.

The Court must be made aware of any new agreement between parents. Even if you have a verbal agreement with the other parent, they can come back to you in the future and ask for back child support and it may be granted in court.

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The only way to avoid paying child support is by agreement of both parties. Child support payments cannot be waived; however, both parties can agree to not pay if they can show that the children are taken care of financially.

If you feel that you cannot afford child support payments, or they are unfair, you may have options. Call 863.457.2099, the legal team at Fulmer Law, PA. We can assess your case with our vast experience relating to child support law.

If your child(ren) was born out-of-wedlock, we must file for a paternity test to be completed. You will not be required to pay child support if the child born out-of-wedlock is not your biological child.

If you had the child(ren) with your spouse during marriage, you may pay less child support when you spend more time with your child(ren)! It is a win/win when you are wondering how to get out of child support. When parents have 50/50 or “equal time-sharing” and they both earn a similar income, neither parent is required to pay child support. Other options to reduce or eliminate child support payments include paying for your child(ren)’s expenses, such as healthcare and/or daycare expenses.

If you feel it is unfair to pay child support, we can guide you using the Guidelines provided by the State of Florida. We will use our vast experience in family law and find ways to help you.

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