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2016 award
October 25th, 2016

Legal Spotlight: How We Won an Award This Year

“Superb” rating from Avvo

We are proud to announce that we have been recognized with an award from a prominent legal rating and review site. The Clients’ Choice Award was presented to Art Fulmer, Jr., by Avvo on August 23, 2016, for receiving consistently positive client reviews.

What’s so special about this distinction is that it is based on objective standards and relates directly to the quality of work we have delivered when representing our clients. Avvo describes ratings of 6-6.9 as Good, 7-7.9 as Very Good, 8-8.9 as Excellent, and 9+ as Superb. Art has achieved a Superb score of 9.2.

What is Avvo and its Attorney Rating System?

Avvo is intended as a comprehensive rating service for lawyers. As such, the site creates profiles on attorneys, with extensive background information, such as major cases, awards, educational background, and other aspects of their story. After verifying their identity, lawyers can update and expand these profiles as they see fit.

Why is Avvo an important gauge of attorney quality? The platform is fundamentally unbiased, serving to make the field of law more transparent. Director Conrad Saam told The Balance that the rankings can be thought of as a “resume scoring application” on a level playing field, with the same standards applied to all attorneys. He added, “We are not served at all by having inaccurate… information in any profile.”

Avvo explains the basic parameters of the ratings on its website:

  1. Objectivity – Each attorney’s score is determined using the same mathematical formula. Favoritism is excluded from the system.
  2. Perspectival breadth – Thousands of people, the bulk of whom were legal clients and hundreds of whom were attorneys, contributed to the specific model used for the rankings.
  3. Straightforwardness – The rating is simple and to the point, boiling down an attorney’s credibility and skill to a single number on a scale of 1 to 10.

What the award means for Fulmer Law, PA

According to the stipulations listed by Avvo, this award followed a thorough review of the law record of Art Fulmer, Jr. However, it’s important to note that the designation is firmly rooted in the satisfaction of clients, as told in their own words. After all, in granting us the award, Avvo stated specifically that the honor was based on client reviews.

That’s not surprising to us, as indicated by the sample success stories told by our clients on Avvo and on our site. “Watching Mr. Fulmer during our mediation was so cool,” says one client review on Avvo. “You could tell that everyone there respected him, and he successfully settled my case for more than I ever thought I could get.”

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