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May 19th, 2020

How Does Child Support Work?

The laws encompassing how child support works can be complicated and confusing. No two cases are alike based on the circumstances and unique facts of each case.

The court system determines the amount of child support based on the guidelines outlined in the Title VI 61.30 of the Florida Law. These guidelines help to figure out the amount of support needed to care for the child and the amount the parent has to pay.

Both parents fill out a financial affidavit and produce evidence of their income and child related expenses. A formula is then used combining the parties’ monthly net income, the child’s day care and health care expenses paid by the parties. The math formula will produce the amount owed based on this criteria, the number of the children, and (importantly) the number of overnights each parent has with the children.

You can estimate the amount of child support by using the Florida Child Support Calculator. The calculator will use the information you have entered to help give you an estimate. Remember that this is only an estimate, and the amount is subject to change based on the court and other factors that may not be included in your estimate.

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